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Stock Cars · 28.02.09

While Toyota is renting a ship in Malmö to store unsold cars that do not fit into the harbor's capacities anymore, first galleries dedicated to unsold automobiles appear. Let's call them stock car galleries.

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Gabba Gabba Hey - Shirt Stencil · 28.02.09

Baby Couture

Here is a quickly made stencil to make some serious Gabba Gabba Hey garment for your toddler. Great weekend project.

And now the credits to those, who invented the term:

The Places We Live · 28.02.09

Slum in Jakarta

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Punk in London '77 · 27.02.09

Punk in London 1977

Doku von Wolfgang Bueld in spielfilmlaenge ueber die punkbewegung ende der siebziger in London. Unter anderem mit: The Clash, The Adverts, X-Ray Spex, Subwaysect, The Boomtown Rats, The Jam, Wayne County, Sex Pistols ... mp4-download ist moeglich.

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Per Capita Income of the SOEP Household · 26.02.09

I could lay my hands on a dataset recently, of which I have reason to believe that it is a 2007 SOEP dataset. This is a nice piece to play with. First I had a look at the income variables of the sample households. Divided by the number of persons in the household I got the per capita income of the SOEP households. One thing is interesting. SOEP knows a pre government income and a post government income. So income before and after tax and transfer payments. Now watch this:

Distribution of Income per capita in the SOEP

The yellow boxplots depict the distribution of pre gov incomes of the last eleven years. You can see that the gap between the well off and the less well off widened remarkably in the last few years. This is probably the main result of the agenda2010 reforms. Note the widening of the distribution in the lower half of the income distribution in recent years.

Now the interesting point is that Germany seems to do a great job in keeping the post gov incomes steady. See the orange boxplots which do not show a widening of the income distribution. Question is: What do we do here? We introduce large reforms to create a low price work segment, hence a low income segment within the population, and then we cancel out the effects by transferring income? Weird, ain't it?

Difference of the Median Household per capita income pre and post gov transfers

One last point was interesting having a first glance at the SOEP data. The median income, the per capita income of 'middle' household, pre gov used to be higher then the median post gov income. That means the middle SOEP household was a net payer to the german transfer systems. Since 2005 (refer to the pic above) the middle SOEP household is a net gainer from german transfer systems. Is this a good or a bad thing?

(analysis done with

Eclectic · 26.02.09

Since me own spare time has new and unprecedented boundaries, I introduced the category 'Eclectic' to file thing that I merely pass on rather than create.

Haette man damals auch verbieten sollen · 26.02.09


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Neues vom Trendscout · 26.02.09

Bankerwitze sind die neuen Blondinenwitze

Dance Dance Dance · 18.02.09

I cannot resist, here is a video post. This one made my day. We should all try to emulate the master above at least once a day. ... for the exhaustive and yet fine tracklist see spreeblick where i found this piece.

1234567890 Sylvester · 12.02.09

Nicht vergessen, in der nacht vom freitag zum samstag um 00:31:30 Uhr steht der unix time stamp auf 1234567890. Das ist ein once in a life time ding. Also mitgefeiert. Wo? Na, beim CCC Mainz.

Wem das zu halbleiterig ist, der kann statt dessen zu Darwins 200. Geburtstag in Frankfurt am Main gehen.

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briefwechsel schiller goethe · 12.02.09

Giesbert Damaschke plant ein dickes ding: Ab dem 13. Juni will er 11 jahre lang die seite in echtzeit und zeitversetzt betreiben. Wir hoffen, dass es kein hoax ist und wuenschen Giesbert gute gesundheit. ... Weiterfuehrend unbedingt auch den beitrag vom zeigermann be(tr)achten.

U.S.A.'s Index of Orders Received in Manufacturing · 7.02.09

Orders Received in Manufacturing

Value of new order in total manufacturing according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Index of Orders Received · 5.02.09

Today Germany's index of orders recieved in manufacturing for december 2008 has been published. The value is 94.0 which is not very interesting but over time we see a steep decline coming right out of something like a boom. Looks wicked. But how will it go on?

To see what might come I fitted the monthly data, starting from January 2000, and then predicted the next 12 month. Here is the result:

Orders Received in Manufacturing

Does not look like dooms day but still bad.