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Hello, Wernham-Hogg · 2006-10-25

Ok, I'm late with this one - five years or something - but still...

I've borrowed the second series of The Office. It was the first time I saw more of it than a few chunks, though I'm the proud owner of a perfectly legal D.V.D. of the first set. However, this second series is brilliant. The first set is a landmark already but the second one is beyond anything that is called a t.v. series. Note how they tell the story. Especially the parts, when no actual interview or dialogue is going on. Very few short blinks, making you feel like a voyeur. Maybe 'very few' is not strong enough. They use as many shots as Hemingway would have used word. Brilliant actors as well. Great love story, great catastrophies.

A word of advice: Might be good to see the first series to understand the second properly.

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