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Cocoa Farmers on Strike · 2006-10-16

High time to stockpile chocolate! Ivorian cocoa farmers are on strike. Ivory Coast produces about 40% of the world's cocoa. This and the soon-ness (is there a word soon-ness? shortness? I'd love soon-ness) of helloween and chistmas might sky rocket chocolate prices soon. So, buy now!

cocoa prices time series

Source: cocoa prices timeseries since 1971

... but seriously, Ivory Coast's Coffee and Cocoa Exchange has set an indicative price of 400 CFA francs (80 US cents), for 1kg of cocoa. This price is rarely reached since exporters have to pay taxes and such. As you see above the prices for cocoa did not rise a bit in recent decades. A property similar to the oil price, well, o.k. until 2002 ...

relitive cocoa oil prices time series

... and of course the plants are threatened by several illnesses.

(via B.B.C. News, plots done with a few lines of R)

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