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Sing and Dance Along · 2006-10-01

That bollywood party saturday night had an interesting property. Obviously, a significant fraction of bollywood party attenders are redneck-ish girls - please do not understand 'redneck' as a offending term here - who seem to be very much into this kind of music nerd-dom. Some of them can sing along with a lot of those songs and they seem to have learned whole choreographies. How come? My explanation would be RTL2. This is Germany's number one redneck television station and guess what they screen for months and months now. Interesting curiosity ain't it?

By the way, "redneckish" is a lovely word if your mother tongue happens to be German. Especially when describing young ladies as in "The boys stared at the redneckish girl " it describes more to a German then it does to a native English speaker. If you do not speak German, try to find out why.

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