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Scare Me, Leader! · 2006-08-10

Cory Doctorow saved me a good deal of time by posting his views on british aviation security measures :

The point of terrorism is to make us afraid. The UK response to a foiled plot is to create an unspecified period during which fliers are arbitrarily deprived of iPods, novels and dignity. [...] If this is a good idea now, then why won't it still be a good idea in a year? A decade? [...] I'd take my chances with the iPods and novels and dignity.
    --Cory Doctorow

I am afraid it is true: To make people re-elect you or make them accepting you as their king or religous leader or whatever, it is a good idea to scare the freaggin' daylight out of them. Then offer a some sort relief for their fear struck hearts. Best thing about that is, the relief you offer does not even need to prove useful. It just needs to be some sort of symbolic act.

... 'there is someone who does something to calm my fears. I'd love to have him as my leader.' How weird is that?

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