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Torlabor Soccer Trading Market · 2006-06-05

Folks, as you might have noticed, the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2006 is approaching. You might know as well that there are several 'stock exchange' like online markets where you can trade contracts of certain teams and by doing so forecast the world champion to come.

This kind of market used to have the major disadvantage of not letting you bet on and therefore not forecast particular games and it's results.

This year the Cologne Laboratory of Economic Research and the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena set up a market that lets you trade contracts on the outcome of particular games. The whole thing is set up to serve academic reasons. There is no real money involved:


This is the missing link between elektronic markets and germany's Tippspiel! Registration is a little tricky but I strongly recommend taking part. You'll be part of a scientific project.

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