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Pulp Math · 2006-05-25

Books and articles on mathematic topics often lack a certain marketing awareness. Consider "On stability zones for discrete-time periodic linear Hamiltonian systems" or "The Simplest Example of a Normal Asymptotic Expansion". Thats not the way to become read widely. Furthermore, the layouts of this kind of publications are not quite catchy either.

However, lately I found an article which had a catchy almost pulpy title: "The Geheimschreiber Secret". All that is missing is a catchy cover to make the article a big seller. Here is what I have in mind:

pulp cover on The Geheimschreiber Secret

Watch a bigger version of the cover here. The original pic is taken from Grapefruit Moon Gallery, which I strongly recommend when it comes to buying pulp cover art.

(via MatheKleinigkeiten)

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