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Face it, it is dangerous · 2006-05-17

Uwe-Karsten Heye, former spokesman for the government has warned people of colour to avoid certain areas of Brandenburg, the part of former east germany that surrounds Berlin. After local politicians criticized him harshly he took parts of his warning back. I do not. If you are of colour it might be a bad idea to visit any area in former east germany. I hate to say it but face it, it is dangerous.

This does not mean that urban areas in western germany are hippie camps but the feature racism is way more developed in the east. I'm from the east, believe me. Assaults with a racist background are more common in the east. Much more. If you are of colour it is a good idea to stay somewhere in the west or in big cities to maintain an avarage risk of being assaulted.

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  1. Mag    May 18, 12:18    #
    @dear coloured people from all over the world: here in Germany, there will be (white) Germans protecting you if you fear Racists. We’ll organize it. Be sure!

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