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Don't Know Why · 2006-04-20

Elmo and Norah Jones

Ha, I cannot resist posting even more antidepressant material! So sorry folks. Today we do not leave Sesame Street. After having the man in black performing with the bird in yellow yesterday, we today point to the gorgeous Norah Jones, who is doing a duett with Elmo. They perform Norah's "Don't Know Why". Of course there are minor changes to the lyrics, as here: "I thought we'd meet and have some fun. Don't know why Y didn't come" or here "We had great times I won't forget, spelling words like Yarn or Yet".

When Elmo snuggles against Norah and she's so sad because "now the Y has gone away. How I Yearn for Yesterday". Sweet. I'm right now haveing tears in my eyes. I'm being so moved ...

... yes yes, I'll do more politics commenting later on. Its just ... I don't know ... Its spring.

(via Sesame Street Sound Archive)

  1. — private teacher    Apr 20, 23:54    #
    yes, bin ja auch moved. muss aber trotzdem right now, tears are dropping out of my eyes (Verlaufsform wegen right now) sein :´-)
  2. sabbeljan    Apr 21, 09:38    #
    “why not?” great. moved too.

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