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The Hessians · 2006-03-28

When I moved here, two month ago, I tagged 'Der Haken' Wiesbaden to shout out my new location. After doing that I smiled broadly, since Wiesbaden is small and my blog was top authority by far when it came to Wiesbaden at technorati. Sometimes it is very easy.

Well, good things do not last forever. There happen to be a certain Nicola, publishing a Daily Photoblog on Wiesbaden. She started on freaggin' February 26th[!], one month ago. After one month of publishing, she has already gained more techorati authority then 'Der Haken' has.

But I'm calm. Do you want to know why? Cause it is all quality content over there.

  1. ocj of    Mar 28, 21:48    #
    Hi Wiesbaden-Fellow!

    Didn’t know that Technorati has that mighty authority-feature. At this time it still is a little bit frustrating for, but I promise it to become better :-)

    Best regards
  2. Nicola    Mar 31, 06:58    #
    Big smile! Thanks a lot for the review!! I didn’t even know that I was listed that well…

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