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...don't know, don't know · 2006-03-12

For years I carried this burden. I thought I was the only one not quite getting what they sing in Nirvana's 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. For an entire decade I felt dumb, unloved and alone. But now I have a hero! Weird Al Yankovich obviously had the same problems and made a hilarious parody. Watch it, it is so lovely crafted.

screenshot weird al as cobain

Here are the first lines and yes, they bring up all my questions:

What is this song all about?
Can't figure any lyrics out.
How do the words to it go?
I wish you'd tell me.
I don't know.
... don't know.... don't know.... don't know...
Now I'm marbling and I'm screaming
and I don't know what I 'm singing.

But this Yankovich has got more. You might know that he's very much into parodies, so there is more. There is a great "Coolio - Gangstas Paradise" Parody, called Amish Paradise. Then, still one of my favourites, the "I'm Bad" Cover, called "I'm Fat". For all those parodies it might be a good idea to know the original videos. However there is still more, a Backstreetboys parody with a third party video called "Bought it on EBay".

Those who have heard of Yankovich before, surely know that he made a movie in the 80ies. UHF was full of cites and parodies of famous movies. Google video has two of the UHF made up movie trailers: Conan the Librarian and my all time favourite Ghandi II

Last but not least, I'd like to promote this one: A music video created by a group of good friends, living in Las Vegas. This is their tribute to the good times they've shared. It comes with a Yankovich parody of Bohemean Rhapsody

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