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Database Connectivity with R · 2006-02-23

There was one thing missing for fully automated dataprocessing with R here on my machine: Database Connectivity. R actually has it for some databases. I tried it with MySQL.

One needs to download Bell Labs's R libraries DBI and RMySQL and then follow the instructions at R Data Import/Export.

To test it I used the access logs I was exploring lately. I created a view, 'hitsperminute' on the database containing the hits per minute on free-penguin, as the name suggests. Adding database connectivity to R was no fuzz at all. It just worked. Consider the following code:

con <- dbConnect(dbDriver("MySQL"), dbname = "webstats", password="*****", username="dbuser")
a <- dbGetQuery(con, paste("SELECT * FROM hitsperminute;"))
  axes=FALSE, type="n",
  main="Free Penguin News Quake",
  sub=" requests per minute from Jan 2nd to Jan 8th 2006")
axis(1, label=FALSE)

the result is this recent one, but skipping manual steps. Scripts like this are fully batch mode enabled. One could run it on http requests for example. Cool, ain't it?

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