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News Quakes · 2006-02-15

digg quake

The pic above shows the hourly traffic from the 3rd to the 8th of January 2006 on was listed prominently at which led to a huge increase in traffic. Unlike the recent makezine-post, this traffic did not lead to a whole lot of new free penguins. This is the 'main stream' I guess ... and it is not worth a lot.

Why is this cross posted here? The access.logs were so big (143MB), I had to import them to a database and then query the timeseries. Visualisation is done with three lines of R.

  1. — rod    Feb 16, 11:06    #
    Ganz klar, programmiere jetzt eine Plattform für (vielleicht auch kommerzielle) Kuscheltierschnittmuster (natürlich mit Eclipse, EJBs und hastenichtgesehen) und suche Partner für Zubehörverkauf (Bastelbedarf).

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