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Welcome · 2006-01-31

... a warm welcome goes out to

  1. Juergen    Jan 31, 22:12    #
    claudia is in the warm up phase still…
  2. — cs    Feb 5, 19:11    #
    Thanks for your „welcome“
    It’s right that I’m still in the warm up phase.
    Hardly find the time to learn, think and write about the subject I would like to – problems in organisation of health care, quality management of institutions…
    It’s a full time job to become a physiotherapist. But sooner or later I will deal with the other questions.

    At first I’m trying to find the tools to help me organize my futural investigations and ideas :)
    Such things used to be much easier than I had you on my side to give me some hints or to look at me doubtfully. But I’m happy to read your blogs.
    By the way: I found out that I would like to prefer instead of But however – I won’t be able to use the internet for the next few days.

    Greetings from cs

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