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Cheerful Quiz · 2006-01-30

cheerful chapOk, readers. Why is this little chap on the left so extraordinarily cheerful? You've got 48 hours to submit suggestions. Proper answers in the fields of correctess and weirdness are appreciated. The properest answer will be awarded with ... er ... with ... a city map of Wiesbaden or alternatively with a place to sleep in Wiesbaden during this year's "Linux Tag".

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  1. Juergen    Jan 30, 21:04    #
    i’m missing boy’s accomplice: together they will be able to enter and get the Linux Tag under control. images/ alles_im_gruenen.jpg

    by the way, you’ve just offer a place to sleep…
  2. sabbeljan    Jan 30, 22:03    #
    juergen got it, but i’d like to propose another solution: this is m. jackson at the age of 6.
  3. Haken    Jan 31, 06:03    #
    argh, that was too easy …

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