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Short Update · 2006-01-18

Ok, I made it to the web. I had severe trouble accessing the internet lately. Now, what was it? Yes, I'm still busy looking for shelter down here, so I might write infrequently for some more days. Right now I'm sleeping at a schoolfriend's place. If in 1988 someone would have told us that we'd share a flat deep in western germany in 2006 ... we would have called him a lunatic.

Tomorrow I'll be off for Luxemburg the whole day and in the evening I'll, guess what, check a flat I might rent. More soon, when things are not that new anymore here.

The topics here on these pages might move more towards economics soon. That could well be a quality boost, couldn't it? However, right now I'm quite happy ... and I kick Hauptstadtblog off my blogroll. It's not for my new place. It is for the profanities they publish.

  1. sabbeljan    Jan 18, 23:01    #
    qualitaet? economics? och noe. aber in jedem fall, good luck!
  2. — cs    Jan 19, 14:49    #
    really kick off Hauptstadtblog – I would not
  3. Holger    Jan 19, 16:40    #
    gutes einleben und viel erfolg!

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