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Evil Wishers · 2006-01-06

And you thought it'd take an agency the size of the FBI or NSA to track down the evildoers. You are so wrong. Finding subversives has become a after-work hobby, everybody can do. Tom Owad has downloaded 260.000 whishlists from amazon, while not violating any terms of use, and checked them for wicked titles and authors.

The wishlists, he could download quite easiely, got name, state and city of the wishlistowner. Once having the wishlists on his hard drive, he was able to automatically check for certain wicked words and authors. The evilwishers city names and states he then passed to google earth to get a lovely map, with the locations of all the wrongwhishers pin pointed to it.

This, one man could do in five hours after work, with two outdated computers, an external harddrive and a DSL connection. Extrapolate this to what those could do, who make a living from this kind of stuff. Here is the whole documentation with scripting and explanations, check it out.

(via BoingBoing)

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