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Link Dump · 2005-12-31

And again I'm not going to add a lot to internet's white noise today. So, go reading elsewhere. found this lovely piece of advice, which I post here as well, hoping the right people will read it: "Petrol is going up. Get a smaller tank."

advertisment at the back of a coach

The pic was taken by Mariano

What else? notices that right now the last shift at Lohberg mine ends. With this, 100 years of coal mining in Dinslaken end.

People who still want more interesting reading and speak german can of course always go to the very respected rabenhorst, who has been busy covering the current situation in the fields of privacy, human- and civil-rights. He found this world map depicting the state of the so called war on terror (Larger Version) from the amnesty international point of view ... and there is more over there at rabehorst's.

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