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Healing Hands · 2005-12-20

Look, someone is acting as if he was the messiah. I wonder if he just does it subconciously or if he was trained. However, the bible belt telly audience will love it, but still, do not fall for it. Read his latest radio adress, in which he explains why his higher cause gives him permission to sneak after U.S. citizens, hence gives him permission to break the law.

(via vowe, voxenig)

  1. Haken    Dec 22, 09:03    #
    I dunno what that was, but I had weirdo comment spam for this, only this, post. Which is weird. Could be that the bots go for certain key words or links. I’ll check the log files. However, I closed commenting here. One of course can still send comments via email, which will be put here manually. So, enjoy.

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