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Pride & Prejudice · 2005-12-04

not pride and prejudice

Pride & Prejudice is a girl's movie. There is no Kung Fu, no firearms, no drug trafficking nor fast cars involved whatsoever. Not even a proper duell. Yet, in this movie they speak with this certain accent. An accent I always try to immitate, I dare say. Furthermore you can experience the neatest duck ponds in the evening sun ever. Now you may say "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, thank you". Still, go with your beloved, hold her hands and see Donald Sutherland, whom you might know from Dr. Terror's House of Horrors already.

(picture: RetroPosterShop)

  1. — vivien    Dec 9, 22:31    #
    Indeed. ;-)
    You’d get along fabulously with my sister’s boyfriend who recently referred to Jane Austen as “die Wendy für intellektuelle Mädchen”.

    You’ve got my deepest respect for watching it, though.
  2. Feuerhake    Dec 9, 23:17    #
    ... speakin of Wendy

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