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War on Whoever With Toll Data · 2005-11-26

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. You might have noticed that we have this fancy satellite global positioning based autobahn toll system in germany. There was a lot of embarrasment about it, cause it wouldn't work for months and months while the german government would already have planned with all the money that never came.

However, now the whole system works somehow production stable. The system is so very fancy that it always knows a lorry's position on the german autobahn grid, thus can calculate the toll a lorry owner would have to pay for using the autobahn. What does it do beside calculating fees? It collects a whole lot of data about the whereabouts of vehicles.

This second feature is of course interesting for the interiour minister. Well, today the ministry admited that they already check on how to change german law to gain access to this data. Lovely. By now, the whole system is only applied to lorry traffic. By now. Mark my words and do the online paranoia test.

  1. sabbeljan    Nov 27, 12:28    #
    ich denke auch, dass wir keine 100 tage schonfrist geben koennen, schliesslich machen das unsere innenpolitiker auch nicht ;-) “kontinuitaet” im schlimmsten sinne. aber wer sich an schaeuble als innenminister unter kohl erinnert, der darf sich wirklich nicht wundern. ich hatte die leise hoffnung er waere altersmilde geworden, aber bei schily wurds mit den jahren ja auch immer schlimmer!

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