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Who is Whining · 2005-11-25

There is this proverb 'Jammern auf hohem Niveau', which somehow translates to 'Whining on high levels'. Recently this term is used more frequently in german political debate. Siggi Becker today notices on Mehrzweckbeutel, that those who usually use the term, are normally not really affected by any of the planned cut backs in government spendings. the end they spend/donate 30.000.000Euro for a 'crappy made' and 'hardly thought about' public relations campaign to tell those, who'll live on less soon, to stop whining. Thereby they fog screen, that they probably won't live on less soon.

So, note: 'Whining on high levels' is a rhetoric means of political debate. It is not an argument, do not fall for it.

  1. siggi    Nov 25, 22:52    #
    You said it better than me ;-)

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