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Wunderkind Joop · 2005-11-21

It was the day of the Lord yesterday. The one who made my day of the Lord yesterday was Wolfgang Joop. Mr. Joop was guest of a radioshow, where he'd be interviewed and in turn could choose the music. I noticed already in April 2004 that Mr. Joop is remarkably bright and eloquent. Yesterday, Joop again was great fun and entertainment. O.k., Joop's music was well within the expected range, but still high quality. His anecdotes funny and lovely presented.

wolfagng joop with his models

By the way, I learned for example that Joop sold his old label and now runs a new label called Wunderkind. Google doen't even find the website of this label yet. In outfitting the ladies Joop still has just and downright great tastes.

Putting it all together, I'd bet you ten bucks, that Joop is great company, so: Wolfgang, ol' chap, since we are practically neighbours, you can always come over for a cup of green tea, biscuits and a little chat. Just call ahead.

  1. sabbeljan    Nov 21, 10:43    #
    die joppe wohnt neben dir??
  2. Haken    Nov 21, 10:46    #
    well practically … Potsdam … for ‘weltbuerger’ like us this is nottin, is it?

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