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Off to Gitmo · 2005-11-16

I thought this post would fit good today. Furthermore, don't tell me you haven't been warned.

There is something I notice for a while now. In american english "Send you to Gitmo" became commonly used lately. Here in Germany we used to have a very similar term. It was "... sonst kommst du nach Dachau", which would mean "...otherwise they send you to Dachau". Well, that was 70 years ago in the early years of german fascism, when concentration camps, like Dachau, were used to illegally lock away the oppostion. The existence of Dachau was common knowledge back in those days and therefore the sheere existence of Dachau served as means of terror. The term "...otherwise you go to Dachau" was a threat or warning in those days and would often come with "Watch your tongue, ..." or "Be quiet, ..."

If one scrolls down the google results on "Send you to Gitmo" today, one notices that the term is used very similar now in american internet debate. Doesn't it?

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