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Sun Creator · 2005-11-13

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I took the time to have a quick glance at Sun's integrated development environment 'Creator', which is freely downloadable at Sun's right now. First impression? Well, if you are used to other Java enhancing IDEs like Netbeans or Eclipse, Creator is a leap forward. Creator strongly aims for the development and deployment of webservices. It comes with Sun's application server and an example(?) database. The whole thing is quite easy to use. It took me less then an hour, to install the beast and deploy the first .jsp. The page would connect to one of the built in example tables and display some of it's content. The .jsp layout was done 'drag and drop' on a grided canvas. You are supported dealing with all those relevant industy standards, like XML and Beans. Well, I didn't even had to check the manual up to now. I'll keep you informed on how 'Creator' works for me.

Last but not least a little remark. Do not give too much on my opinion here, I only had a quick glance, as mentioned above. Next step will be reading the relevant documents to figure out what one is actually supposed to do with Sun's Creator.

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