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Swiss Knife of Communication · 2005-11-04

In vocational English one has to deal with 'meeting and greeting' which does not only require vocabulary, but knowledge about culture and what is appropriate and what is inappropriate in certain countries. Lately we made up appropriate and inappropriate meeting topics and phrases. Thus, we came to a phrase which at first seemed inappropriate, though I still like it, because it is a swiss knife in everyday communication. If one is familiar with basic techniques of self defense, one could use it in almost any situation in which one needs to express approval or disapproval towards other people's proposals or actions. Here it is:

"I'd rather twist your nipples!"

Consider situations like being 'security checked' at the airport or being asked for your public transport ticket in the bus. Those occasions are great to use the phrase.

Furthermore, if one would alter the term to "I could twist your nipples!" one could express sweetest delight with other people's proposals or actions.

There are even more alterations. Change 'could' with 'should' or the old fashioned 'shalt'. Now you can express disapproval of other people's activities, that took place already.

Great, isn't it? Only keep in mind 'twist' and 'nipples' and you can get very far. Of course writing about this topic has yet another advantage. Google will probably direct queries with 'twist' and 'nipples' in it right here soon. Man, I am a great marketeer.

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