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I wanna get Make:d · 2005-11-01

this site is officially Make:dTime to start a new blog button campaign. Remember? There was this show, on MTV, 'I wanna get made'. This show, where drama nerds are abused and shouted at by weirdo boot camp jar heads to become either cheerleaders or quarterbacks after all? Now, this show is the worst crap MTV ever dared to air, cause it suggests that being geek is something that could and should be cured by making geeks what others want them to be. However ...

... this issue was not the issue I was to write about. I was to write about Make: The creative outburst magazine, covering everything involving creativity and technology in whatever field from knitting to high frequency electronics. For hallowe'en they linked my little cursor following flying bat. The resulting traffic really Make:d my day. Therefore, I consider these pages Make:d. But how to show it? Well, see the button above. If your pages are Make:d as well, feel free to backlink using the button above.

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