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Are They Going After You? · 2005-10-27

Being paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. Do you always wonder if your co workers try to destroy your plans to establish world peace? That old lady in the underground, was she taking notes about you? Or is it just you being paranoid. ElReg covers a finding of the University College London (UCL), stating that schizophrenics perform better in certain graphical tests. One application of this finding is the little simplified test below. If you fail, you are not paranoid, hence people are after you. This test runs only on your machine. I'm not gathering any information about your or any other person's results. I'm not after you.

Ok, let's start: One of the small tiles around the center image matches the inner square of the center image in contrast and color. If you find the correct tile, you might be paranoid. Try it, Click the tile you consider correct.

!Are they out to get you? The answer appears here!

test tile test tile test tile
test tile test image test tile
test tile test tile test tile

  1. — Kathi    Oct 28, 15:25    #
    und was bedeutet es, wenn man schon beim zweiten versuch paranoid ist? und wer denkt sich sowas aus? und vor allem: woher hast du diese aufgabe??

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