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Who's Spiral · 2008-12-01

Who's Spiral?

Some of you may have noticed that Processing went 1.0 lately. Going 1.0 is always a nice occasion to try languages out. At least that was what I thought ... First impression: If you write Java, you can write processing right away. You just have to look up a few basics and ready you are. For those who do not write Java, it is still nice for it skips a lot of Java 'write properly' obstacles. Processing seems to be a powerful yet easy to use data visualisation tool. Try it.

Here is my second try. He, who knows what it is and does post it to the comments first, shall receive a piccolo bottle of cheap champagne. Go for it!


int scrmin = min(width,height);
float golden_angle = 137.508;
float con = 2.4;
float r;
float g;
float b;
float a;

float diam;
float x;
float y;

float ro;
float di;

for(int i=0; i<50001;i++) {

  ro = i*golden_angle;
  di = con*sqrt(i);
  r = random(255);
  g = random(255);
  b = random(255);
  a = random(255);
  diam = random(scrmin/100);
  x= width/2  + (cos(ro)*di) + random(scrmin/400);
  y= height/2 + (sin(ro)*di) + random(scrmin/400);

  1. — Manu    Dec 2, 08:40    #

    Are you visualizing a family of cute cats?

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