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The Orwell Diaries · 2008-11-30

George Orwell, author of 1984 and "The Animal Farm", wrote a diary from August 1938 to November 1942. There is a site that time shifts the journal seventy years onwards and posts the entries today day by day: The Orwell Diaries

The entry today in George Orwell's diary seventy years ago was "Two eggs" ... following a sequence of five number-of-eggs entries. Now that brings me to this pages here. The November 2008 will most likely be the month with the smallest amount of entries ever. That does not mean, that nothing happens round here. The things that happen are just not fit publish. I once swore that oath not to publish family issues in here or elsewhere, may they be happy or sad and I swore the other oath, not to publish number-of-egg-entries. This is thing people may do, who plan to contribute to the great works of world literature, not me.

So, folks, my recommendation: stay tuned here. I will turn back soon to share wisdom, insight and entertainment, which is relevant to you, 'cause that is what you folks are looking for, right?

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