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Followers · 2008-05-21

Now, this one is a treat:

band followers
Every popular musical act has a band of diehard followers, but can you match the apostles to the act? Answers are at the end of the gallery and all photographs are taken from The Disciples, by James Mollison...

Again, on every picture you see a set of people and you have to guess whose concert they attended ...

  1. — manu    May 23, 08:14    #

    I wonder what I have to think about myself, my friends and our style, when the last concert I went to was the one of Eläkeläiset

  2. haken    May 23, 09:14    #

    It means that you and your friends are way beyond superficial style considerations already. You by now have reached levels pure and abstract music enthusiasm. Be proud … may be next year you will attend the Rheingau Musik Festival.

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