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Shrek 2 · 2004-07-13

I've seen Shrek2 yesterday. Hm, I think it is all said about this movie already. It had some great ideas that caused a great laugh, at least for me. 'Puss in Boots' remained empty somehow. I'm sure there could have been more to be made out of it. In the end it fell way behind Shrek. But thats the same with a lot of sequels.

Ok, more on the movie theatre I've been to, 'CineStar am Potsdamer Platz'. They have an inflatable Spiderman (12 meters x 5 meters) attached above their entrance. His buttocks do not look, ehem, very male. In fact, the whole thing looks an old 'Exxon Tiger' in new blue red batic design. The service at the pop corn counters was a bleedin' shame, yesterday ... given that they propably have a 300% profit margin there. As an old 'Ostler' I feel free to say that and for my next visits I'm going to bring my own bottle. Thank you, CineStar service team. You've been funny, being incompetent and rude. Who trained you?

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