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Surveillance Industrial Complex? No ... · 2005-10-05

Here is a nice one, answering one of those Cui bono? questions. Bitkom, the german organisation, that represents the information technology sector, hint: lobby lobby lobby. However, Bitkom published a press release yesterday. The title translates to: "The electronic passport is a chance for the german security industry." Below the headline, Bitkom gives some kind of a management summary in list form. It could be translated to:

In the post Bitkom is enthusiastically stating that the biometric passport, which will be handed to germans from the 1st November on, is an innovation motor and a great source of standardisation in the european 'spotting and tracking business'. Where does this enthusiasm come from? The article gives the answer. A Bitkom spokes woman stated that 95% of the project volume of such projects will go right into 'conventional' IT -hardware, -software and -services. Furthermore, note that the new passport will cost the citizen 60 euro while the old 'only machine readable' one costed 20 euro. Time to get some german IT shares, isn't it?

Oh, before I forget: I'm not suggesting that terrorism 'leads to' governmental demand 'leads to' prosperity in certain businesses. Of course not. I mean Rainer Werner Fassbinder would have done that. He actually did in his movie "Die dritte Generation" about the german left wing terrorism of the '70ies.

Though I'm usually pro IT research, for the sake of privacy I hope, the biometric passport will share the fait of other large german publicly founded technology projects. The autobahn toll collecting system would be a great reference.


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