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I was still Laughing · 2005-10-01

While I was still rolling on the floor laughing at those weirdo americans, because of their tendency to put faith where knowledge is needed, while I was still laughing about Intelligent Design, about the need to defend Darwin over there in the USA, while I was still laughing about the raise of the brilliant flying spaghetti monster ...

... while I would still mock the american way of education, Mister Althaus, Member of the CDU, prime minister of the federal state of Thuringia and the biggest and most reliable source of platitudes in german political talkshows invited Siegfried Scherer, author of "Evolution: a critical textbook" and prominent academic defender of intelligent falling, no sorry, intelligent design, to discuss at the 'Erfurt Dialogues', a state run 'scientific' forum.

As reasoning Mr. Althaus stated, that evolution was not a consistent theory. Yes, true Mr. Althaus. Of course the spirit of the almighty as well as the noodly appendages of the flying spaghetti monster are much more consistent. No, in favour of Mister Althaus we have to acknowledge that the Erfurt Dialogues are meant to be the arena for academic arguments. Still, I'm not sure if Intelligent Design might be too weird to be called academic.

Did you realise that I'm not laughing anymore? Alternatively, I'll go to my kitchen to worship the monster with cold noodles and a selfmade sauce out of onion, bacon, carrots and tomatoes. Ramen.

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