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Am I Germany? · 2005-09-26

You might have realised that Germany is the homeland of depression. It's citizens suffer from a complete lack of self convidence and motivation lately. While we used to enrich the english language with words like 'Blitzkrieg' our latest contribution was 'Angst'.

Seeing their citizens and employees in such condition was unbearable for our federal government and our big corporations. What to do about this? Well, easy, you kick-off-roll-out a fancy public relations campaign. You spend 30million euro on it and .. 'sure shot!' The Germans are happy motivated (un)employees and voters again. That cannot fail! Today 'Du bist Deutschland' (You are germany) went online with a lovely page, where everybody can download great motivating press material.

Everybody? No, not everybody. If you have not installed flash, at least version 6, or if you do not allow javascript on your client or if you surf on a different system then MacOS or windows you see white emptyness.

Please consider the following code, which is to be found here. Somehow it fails miserably. The variable hasRightVersion is set correctly but the line:

document.write('<param name="movie" value="/opencms ... detect.swf?xmlpath=/opencms ... /detect.xml&system=' + client + '">'); does not work on linux/mozilla||opera environments. Obviously one is send to a dubious flash script, which sends one back /opencms/opencms/Detect.html

However, the result is an empty page. Not necessary to mention, that they did not specify a <noscript> area. Wow, the quality and accessibility of is quite 'BahBah' right now. I hope there is budget left. Those who do not have flash installed or who do not use Win or Mac (Sun Solaris?) and still think they might be Germany, should consider seeing a doctor. I did not find a way to get through to the information whatsoever. All deep links, even those without flash, have this 'document.write' block. Obviously being Germany has got something to do with using mac or win in the internet.

  1. Finkregh    Oct 4, 21:57    #
    thx a lot for this clearification of circumstances ;)

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