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Once again, I've written a five line text pattern plugin. Basically, it provides something, which I've seen at and which I needed to have as well. It implements a link to posts quickly and easiely. One can find the result under every post, in the dubious link line.

Especially for textpattern plugin rookies, the script might be worth a look, cause one can see how to use those very handy globals, hence how to avoid loads and loads of database transactions. Script status is 'works fine for me', meaning that it is not yet tested intensely. Download: jfx_delicious.php.txt (Source: jfx_delicious.php.src.txt)

  1. Feuerhake    Sep 25, 21:52    #
    I’m not following updates of textpattern, ‘cause first I ain’t got no time, second I made some blocks of the code Bobby compliant.

    Now I hear that the base64 coded plugin doesn’t work with 4.0 or whatever version they have now. I will provide the source as well.

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