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Schily's Reasons · 2005-09-16

Yesterday, the german minister for the interiour was interviewed at deutschlandfunk. He was asked for his views on the so called trade off beween freedom and security. Mr. Schily pointed out that the extended surveillance rights of executive authorities were no problem at all, because it showed that police and secret services would use them very very modestly.

What kind of reasoning is this? Let's say we'd lawfully allow police officers to shoot people on the streets without any justification whatsoever. After one year we body count and then say: Hey this regulation is no problem, 'cause police used it's extended powers very very modestly.'

Mr. Schily, again you forget that you very likely won't be germany's interiour minister for ever. Those who will be you successors might be much much worse than you are and you provided them with the tools to be so and do so. Thats what you did.

Now, today your ministry announced that it would not be acceptable for germans to smile on passport pictures, because it would make your automatic face scanners malfunction. You know what? My smile disapeared quite some time ago.

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