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Die Zeit Test Election · 2005-09-15

bibueblo logo Now, watch this. The flagship of german liberal highbrowism has carried out a test election among it's online editors. Now those who wondered about the contents of Die Zeit will find the results interesting:

Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN 45 %
SPD 30 %
CDU15 %
FDP5 %

Well that does actually explain a lot about the content of Die Zeit. Please note that the Linkspartei does not reach a relevant share among Zeit employees. On the other hand 'Die Partei' which satirically proposes the re-erection of the wall and the eternal division of Germany jumps the 5% hurdle.

The result of the green party (45%) is noteworthy as well. I don't know, who, but somebody called the green party, the party of the 'brighter higher-income earners', refering to a statement made by some leaders of the FDP (Liberals) back in the days, stating they were the party of the higher-income earners. Can we state now, that 50% of Zeit editors are wealthy while only 45% are bright? However, I look forward to finding the next issue of of Die Zeit, since now I can imagine how this weirdo content mixture is possible.

I wonder who Martin Klingst voted for.

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