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10th Annual Water Battle · 2005-09-11

bridge with batteling punks on it

After covering men and tomatoes we cover 'punks and rotten food' today. This afternoon the 10th annual water battle between punks and youngsters from the neighbouring Berlin districts Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg took place. This noble event is characterised by very strict rules. It is the aim of either group to capture the bridge that connects both districts as a whole. To achieve this it is allowed to apply weapons made of foam rubber.

It is allowed to throw water balloons as well as any kind of vegetable, as long as it is softened by the process of decomposition. This year rotten oranges was amunition of choice, which gave the whole bridge a bitter sweet scent and a slippery surface. The evil doers from Kreuzberg even considered used pampers rule compliant amunition. At least this is what rumors on Friedrichshain side sayed.

Tourist, if you are in town when the annual water battle takes place, it is a good trick to take the U1 from Warschauerstrasse. The U-bahn crosses the bridge right above the battle field. If you still want to experience the event more ... erm ... 'hands on', make sure the showers work in your hotel.

gallery here and the flickr set tagged 'wasserschlacht'.

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