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English in Vocational Education · 2005-09-11

You might have noticed that I have deal with teacher's matters in germany indirectly. Especially english teachers matters. For example, an indefinite source of mischief for an english teacher in german vocational education is the availability of profession specific teaching material. It is difficult to find applicable teaching material for carpenters or plumbers. Texts, audio- or videosequences that consist of profession specific vocabulary are rarely to be found in the portfolio of traditional teaching material supplyers. So, one has to search the beef elsewhere.

I know I could have noticed earlier, but last night I saw something perfectly fitting the needs in teaching english to car mechanics. 'Pimp My Ride'. Yes, 'Pimp My Ride' has got it all. You have got all the profession specific vocabulary plus a whole lot of 'pupil credibility' and you can chop it to small sequences without loosing a 'relevant' big picture. If I had to teach english to german car mechanics I'd tape all of 'Pimp My Ride' and let Xzibit explain the relevant vocabulary, like 'sixteen inch rims'.

Thank You Xzibit! But how to teach english to german administrative assistants?

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