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Clarke Reconsiders Torture · 2005-09-07

Why is it that Home Secretaries and Ministers for the Interiour give me the creeps lately? One fine specimen of the specie is Home Secretary Clarke from the United Kingdom. He has given a speach at the european parliament, where he states that europeans have to trade civil liberties for collective security and further he goes:

Our strengthening of human rights needs to acknowledge a truth which we should all accept, that the right to be protected from torture and ill-treatment must be considered side by side with the right to be protected from the death and destruction caused by indiscriminate terrorism, sometimes caused, instigated or fomented by nationals from countries outside the EU.

Now, for those who do not quite get it, Home Secretary Clark not only wants us to trade in warm hearty security, giving away dubious civil rights. No, he wants to reconsider article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which forbids torture. So, Mr. Clarke goes to the european parliament and reconsiders the absense of torture in european law enforcement, hence he reconsiders european lawful law enforcement ... and that gives me the creeps.

Those who speak german can go to the raven, who covers the matter in depth.

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