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WHO Disease Outbreak News

Bulletin · 2005-09-07

What else? A nice example for the importance of website accessibility. Imagine you got away from New Orleans, where you lost everything. Furthermore, imagine you managed to find a computer connected to the internet. Now you could try to file a disaster assistance claim on That would be a good idea, wouldn't it? Well, if you try to do so, make sure you are sitting at a windows machine, browsing with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Because otherwise you are in trouble. At least this is what BoingBoing says. So, it is not always being blind or being mentally challanged. Sometime the hurdle is completely technical, which is not neccessary.

Furthermore, while they speak about biometric properties on german id cards here, in the united kingdom they discuss whether they should have id cards at all. Please consider to support no2id groups somehow.

Last point for today. This morning I was angry with myself. I missed to run for a direct mandate at the german lower house,which is elected on september 18, as you know. I could have held fundraising parties and billboarding the neighbourhood. 'damnit.

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