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Even More on New Orleans · 2005-09-03

Now, Mr. Bush, ain't you prepared to spend billions of dollar in no time to protect the source of your buddies wealth? Ain't you prepared to put the lifes of other mum's sons and doughters into jeopardy to protect the businesses of some lobbyists employers? On the other hand, why spending fuel and helicopters on the have nots? Why even spending your precious time on them? Well ... o.k. ... Because it gives great tv coverage. That would be the only reason to spend your time on them, wouldn't it? ... and if you spend tax payer's money (to repair military facilities down there) make sure Halliburton is hired to do the job.

Please, Mr. Bush, stop your public relations journey. Do not dare to abuse the grief of thousands of those you couldn't help, to fix your image. Do not make me puke again.

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