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What Does He Say? · 2005-08-29

campaign billboard

Here we see two very cheerful chaps on a campaign billboard for the german federal elections. Why are they so cheerful? What does the smaller one say to the small one? Have you got suggestions? Comments are open.

  1. — ms    Aug 29, 08:33    #
    When do chinese have elections?


    Evely molning, he he.
  2. sabbeljan    Aug 29, 08:42    #
    please, suck my dick!
  3. feuerhake    Aug 29, 08:44    #
    please mind the level of decency on these pages …
  4. sabbeljan    Aug 29, 08:53    #
    ok, sorry! another try:
    “tell me, did u tucked away my court shoes?”
  5. feuerhake    Aug 29, 09:17    #
    Hier eine deutsche analyse des werks: Der Koenig und sein Schmeichler

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