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Teacher's Calendar · 2005-08-22

There are these special teacher's calendars over here. Those with plenty of space to note marks. Those who do not stick to the gregorian calendar. They rather start and end at semesters and have differently coloured pages for summer vacation. You know, those little organizers teachers carry.

These organizers are of course financed somehow. The one I saw published advertisements. This is quite a common way to refinance print media. But now look at the very first advertisement in that calendar. Actually there were only four pages with ads. So this one was quite prominenty positioned:

page scan

Basically it advertises the services of a privately owned hospital, which specialises in burnout syndrome therapy, using all kinds of pschiatric and creative treatments in a four star hotel atmosphere. Obviously there is a significant fraction of german teachers in need, so it makes sense to adress just them ... as a privately owned hospital. Well, and this significant fraction can afford it.

This post goes out to those, who still do not believe that there is a education crisis down here in germany. It starts at school and does not stop at university education.

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