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What Means "Ich Hab die Faxen Dicke" · 2005-06-22

Let's start a little sequel "What Means" explaining german idioms. We start right now with an easy one: "Ich hab die Faxen dicke!"

What does that mean? Intermediate learners will know that 'Ich hab' is something like 'I have'. Obviously 'I have the Faxen'. What is 'Faxen'? It does not refer to remote copying via telefone wires at all. 'Faxen' is to behave silly or foolish in a wanted way. A clown would do 'Faxen'. Ok, how far are we? 'I have the fooling around dicke'. Dicke is a derivat of the adjective dick, which means corpulent. Now the interesting part starts since 'I have the fooling around corpulent' does not make a heck of sense. Well, corpulent can be used in german not only to refer to the state of being corpulent. It can also be used to refer to the predecessing state of being corpulent which would be 'having had more than enough' or 'being full' for a long time. Hence, 'being fed up'. So, the term "Ich hab die Faxen dicke!" means I'm fed up with this fooling around.

Next time we will deal with 'Den roten Hahn aufs Dach setzen'.

  1. sabbeljan    Jun 23, 08:59    #
    und ich habe mir schon ein wenig sorgen um dich gemacht. zurecht wie ich lese. zum glueck hast du dein logbuch, um dampf abzulassen. muessen mal wieder was trinken gehen zusammen.
  2. Feuerhake    Jun 23, 20:26    #
    Acabo de llegar al baile,
    Acabo de llegar a la fiesta

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