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Constitutional Thoughts · 2005-06-03

European citizens do not seem to be very keen to adopt a new constitution. Why is this? Well, follow this link to download a english version of the european constitution (pdf 751KB). By the way, this is the only format the constitution is avaliable in.

Now, why do people say 'no' seeing this? I tell you why: There is nothing new, nothing exciting about it. You have a rough description on the fundation of the EU without becoming too precise. It has to cover a lot of national constitutions, you see. Furthermore, the authors put a description on 'who meets whom, how to call the summit and when to decide what' into 300 pages of awful lawyers tongue and hope we, who are not law graduates, will like it. Well, we don't, but this doesn't mean we do not like the idea of europe. Just have a look at the legislation concerning voting of the member states and the appropriate weight of a member states vote (pages 232ff.). All this is weirdo. The whole thing is devided in at least three chapters, which in turn are divided in articles, who again consist of several paragraphs. All filled with odd formulations. There even is a section titled 'The European Investmentbank'. What is a section about a investment bank in a constitution good for?

You see I'm not a lawyer, maybe all those articles, parts, sections and paragraphs are very very important to make sure, everything turns out right. For me the whole thing looks like the result of a bunch of administrative secretaries running wild. This is just what almost all citizens of whatever state in the world know and fear: administrative secretaries running wild.

Let me show you how a constitution could be carried out. This one is smart and lean:

But no, not in europe. First administrative elites, doubtlessly with the best intentions, write an awfully formulated document, which is best suitable in cases of law and then the same elites hire a public relations agency to bring up a website to explain the whole mess to me (Public Relations Attempt), thereby implying that I am or we are too stupid to understand the primary source. I tell you what. This is somehow not my idea of a constitution to live under and I'd say 'No. This is a degenerated elite project' ... Well, nobody asked me, Germany ratified. The constitution was too important to leave it to the voters.This leaves me even more disappointed.

What now? Now back to start and try again. I'm sure people like the idea but not the realization.

  1. sabbeljan    Jun 3, 08:03    #
    u are nit totaly wrong my friend, but i think the problem is something else. i’ll tell u during the lunch break…..

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