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The Gulag of Our Times · 2005-05-26

Amnesty International accuses the current US administration of having built the Gulag of our times. Spokesman Scott McClellan of the Whitehouse considers these allegations ridiculous, since the US government brought peace and freedom to five million out in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh no, sorry, he did not say 'peace'. He only said freedom.

So, Spokesman McClellan, there is a severe problem you have. It can occur at almost any time and does harm to any word you say. How come? You chose to leave the sound grounds of the Geneva Convention by defining a new status 'unlawful combatant'. You chose to hold people, who you labelled 'unlawful combatant' under most intransparent conditions in Abu Ghraib, in Baghram Air Base and in Guantanamo. You chose to try to redefine the term 'torture'. You chose to send prisoners to countries, where the dirty job of torturing is commonly carried out. There is no independent institution observing, there is no access to a proper lawyer, There is not even a law case.

"In the US, almost a year after the Supreme Court decided that detainee in Guantanamo should have access to judicial review, not one single case from among the 500 or so detained has reached the courts because of stonewalling by the Administration."

There is nothing left to those, who you labelled 'unlawful combatant'. So, what does the world hold in its hands to judge? To judge the allegations put against you by the Red Cross, by Amnesty International, by the FBI. We have nothing but your word. Well, no, there is more then your word. There is evidence. But the evidence, we have seen, speaks against you. The pictures we have seen are the only tangible evidence we have to judge. The rest is rumours, true or not, who knows. Now, Mr. Spokesman, what is difference between Guantanamo and Gulag? The climate and the nutrition. The idea of depriving people from there very fundamental rights is the same. Therefore, the concept is the same. Hence, AI is right when it tells you, that you built the Gulag of our times ...

... and there is nothing ridiculous about that.

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