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MP for Bethnal Green and Bow · 2005-05-22

Just in case you missed this. There was a hearing last week, in which a senator Coleman wanted to interview George Galloway, Respect M.P. for Bethnal Green and Bow, U.K.. M.P. Galloway was one of the most active anti war protagonists in the U.K. when Mr. Bush's administration started it's attempt to proliferate freedom to Iraq. Why would Mr. Coleman like to interview Mr. Galloway? Apart from being anti war, hence anti-freedom-proliferation, Mr. Galloway had alledgedly made a fortune by exploiting U.N.'s oil-for-food program. This he did by doing illegal oil deals with Saddam Hussein.

M.P. Galloway already won trials against two newspapers that accused him likewise and with the same evidence, which was false evidence. This was common knowledge last week.

Senator Coleman must be a very arrogant person. At least he appears to be, since he still had the gutts to invite Mr. Galloway to accuse him based on the same evidence, which was proofed false already. Well Mr. Coleman got what he deserved. George Galloway, Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow slapped his face properly. Take the time and listen to a audio snippet. There are some fine examples for using english properly:

msnbc_uk_galloway_blisters_us_on_iraq_050517-01.mp3 (mp3, 1.1MB)
msnbc_uk_galloway_blisters_us_on_iraq_050517-01.rm.ram (real video, 3.7MB)

Please, find an edited transcript at

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