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9th German IT-Security Congress · 2005-05-14

Here we have some interesting incident, though it is not bleeding recent. Andreas Pfitzmann is computer science professor at Technical University Dresden. He is actually pretty bigheaded here in germany, when it comes to computer and data security.

Prof Pfitzmann was invited to speak at the 9th IT Security Congress. This congress is organized by the BSI (Federal Buero for Security in Information Technology) a german federal authority. Pfitzmann was about to speak about german id-cards and passports, that will be delivered with a machine readable biometric properties of the owner very soon.

After Pfitzmann handed in his speach in advance, which deals with certain risks we face using these new passports, he was discharged from the congress. This is a style of dealing with scientists, which we would expect to have in the U.S.A. nowadays when it comes to Darwin. But well, since the BSI subordinated under our minister of the interiour and since he himself held the key note and since our minister of the interiour is one of the few admirers of the current U.S. administration ...

... we are not suprised.

What else? German parliament did cut the rights of german authorities to listen to people's telephone conversation. Germany is one of the countries with the highest chance of being acustically observed when doing telephone calls. You might think, german parliament changed the laws, because it finally acknowledged the importance of certain civil rights. Well, wrong, they had to pass this law, because the german supreme court said so. Again ...

... we are not suprised.

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